Pediatric dentistry

 We must take care of the teeth of children as thoroughly as the teeth of adults

Taking care of the teeth of our youngest clients is crucial to us. We recommend how to clean children’s teeth. We will provide advice in the area of dining and the overall prevention of cavities.

Children love their DentAlo visits! Thanks to the sensitive, friendly approach of our staff and the cozy, relaxed environment of the clinic, they feel safe and happy with us.

Premature loss of children's teeth can lead to impaired pronunciation and delayed speech development. Adjacent teeth can also close the gap after a missing tooth and the future permanent tooth will not have space to break through. The problem must then be dealt with using braces for the long term.

In case of persistent fears, we also offer the possibility of inhaling Entonox - so-called laughing gas, which has a calming and mild analgesic effect.

We recommend the first visit to the dentist after the first children’s molars break through, at the latest then they are between a year and a half to two years of age.